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Hi Firefox lovers !!
some time ago I asked: "what is better than firefox ?" my answer was: "two firefox !!" (also meaning the portable version),
actually I got 4 firefox the version 3 + the portables: 2 (only for the great addon TabEffect)\ 3.1beta1\ 3.1beta2

yes I tried the alternatives, in order of time: Opera, Safari, GoogleChrome,
at the moment from a skinning point of view I like to mention the following 2 IE based:

- VisualExplorer: you can choose amongst all the skins in your Windows\Resources\Themes certainly one different from the system theme in use
- TheWorld: very fast + skinnable also by your own (in the skins folder you find + you can completely customize the theme)

+ just for fun: ZakBrowser especially created for autistic children but very well done for all the kids and also for the "child" is in everyone of us

As you know firefox has many themes addons but most of them are not ready for the beta 3.1 versions
AW I found a trick for customize the userChrome.css so I'm working on a theme just adding a .png texture I will soon upload on the Graphics Section with the name "Firefox in Red"

BTW in the same Gallery I have already uploaded the Firefox 3 SplashScreens (sorry the Splash addon is not ready for the beta)
+ the Firefox 3 Throbbers (all versions)

I hope you like them !!

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